Thursday, 15 April 2010

20 days to go and a TV first

Now, this is exciting. I'm fascinated with the election again this evening. The first live television election debate has begun. Here are my initial thoughts of the three potential prime ministers.

My attention was first drawn to the appropriately coloured ties (though Brown's seems more pink thank red)!

First on-screen impressions:

Brown opened saying 'I know what this job involves'. Good point, but this man really suffers on camera. He's pulled the same non-smiling face in most photographs of him, and he did the same in the first shot of him tonight. His eyes looked half shut and his appearance was stern. A very different image than the more shiny Cameron and Clegg. But at least he is aware of it and made a little joke about it. I laughed, if no one else did! I can't, however, get over his annoying breathing thing. As soon as you notice it, you'll never be able to look at his mouth when he speaks again.

Cameron is as slick as expected. His clean cut appearance work very well on camera, yet his opening expression was quite serious. Serious about change or serious about performing well on television? He said he hopes that the debates will restore trust in MPs - preaching to the choir Cameron! His open apology for the expenses scandal was, however, unexpected and should be commended. He let himself down though mentioning the SamCam pregnancy - dirty tactic!

Clegg looked excited and he should be. It's been widely said that this is the best opportunity that the Lib Dems have ever had, and it is very true. He has a tough job trying to show fault in both the points that Brown and Cameron make. And whether this is possible or not we will have to see. He is, at least, entertaining. He's a bit naughty, breaking the rules by getting an audience member to nod his head.

And so it goes on...............

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