Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 6 - Tories prove they won't change

NO, NO, NO Cameron! If you ever had a chance of getting my vote you have lost it now for ever. If I could reach any of your posters, this is what I would do.

I, like many others, are deeply insulted by the Conservatives plans to give married couples a tax break. Give me a break! This isn't 1950. What is this guy thinking?

I had a Bridget Jones moment last night, as the only singleton in a room full of smug-married women. Is this a microcosm of what life would be like under the Tories?

I don't think that Cameron realises that people of my generation live in an world where marriage is pretty much insignificant. I'm not going to get onto the debate about the worth of marriage, but just say that the Tories and Cameron have proved once and for all that they are out of touch.

Needless to say, feminism is alive and well as I've just seen girl choir on the Songs of Praise search for best school choir shouting GIRL POWER. I miss Spice world (I won't graffiti their picture).

But, be warned. We will not be forced into families that patriarchs like Cameron believe to be the 'best' sort.


An update on the Headingley Labour HQ. I checked out Google maps to see what used to be in this position on Otley road. It was vacant and for sale. But, just a thought, isn't it slightly ironic that Judith Blake has taken advantage of a vacant shop, when it quite possibly was vacant due to the recent recession that her party were in office for?


  1. Ironic that you chose a Spice Girls reference to denote a feminist stance that would counter Tory policy; Geri Halliwell once famously said that Margaret Thatcher was "the original Spice Girl"...

  2. Thatcher should be admired as a career women, minus her politics

  3. Female careerism is New Labour Toryism dressed up to look liberating. Feminism shouldn't be about the 'equal opportunity' to be richer than poor people! It's a contradiction in terms!