Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 8 - Should I start counting down?

I've just thought, should I be counting down the days until the ballot rather than counting the days from the announcement? I shall rectify this soon.

So, today was not a day of election obsession. But two things did pop out at me.

First was discovering that Gordon Brown is supporting the campaign to save 6 music. Yes Gord! The story was well hidden on the bottom of today's Guardian. But, this is a massive story for me. And it highlights the difference between the Tories and Labour on the creative arts. The Tories plans to cut the BBC license fee are scandalous.

Second was surprise the amount of journalists and publications coming out in support of particular parties. The Observer last Sunday had pledges from several famous faces and after treating myself to Marie Claire this week I was surprised to see the features writer come out in support of Labour after interviewing Gordon Brown and David Cameron. The election special in this month's edition is a must for female voters.

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