Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 2

So Day 2 is coming to a close and I am already fed up. Who is running for the position of prime minister, the 3 candidates or their wives?

I’m disappointed by all the newspapers today fell for the anti-feminist idea of analysing the wives. Marina Hyde in the Guardian at least was self conscious in her discussion, but still female readers were patronisingly offered a lighter version of politics to read - just so they feel part of it all.

But, the Telegraph's fashion pages really pissed me off. Sam Cam’s publicists are infuriatingly doing a very good job

Would I myself be at risk of being anti feminist to suggest that we should take a slightly suspicious attitude towards Mrs Cameron’s pregnancy? Certainly it will just be human nature that people will warm to David more due to his family man appearance as a result of this timely announcement.

Moving onto the Labour camp, why is it that Sarah Brown has more followers on Twitter than most of the Labour MPs?

And poor Nick Clegg, he must be worried after his wife refused to campaign for him. I say she is very sensible.

At first it seemed a good idea to bring wives and families of potential leaders into the media spotlight – that way you can tell where these men are coming from and how their backgrounds will influence their decisions. But, oh wait. This is exactly what I don’t want to know about. I want someone in charge who makes (or at least seems to) judgements that are not influenced by personal experience and decisions that are best for the whole country, not just themselves.

Whatever I think though, it looks certain that this is another way in which the UK election has been influenced by the American one? It seems that all wives must live up to the example of Michelle Obama to ensure their respective husband’s success.

Having said all of this though, part of me wishes that one of the party leaders was having a secret gay affair or Sam Cam has been having it away with the milkman. That would certainly get the Daily Star readers interested – one of the only papers not to splash the election today.

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