Monday, 12 April 2010

Day 7 - Disengaging and disillusioning and Labour's manifesto

Today began with a discussion on Andrew Marr's Start the Week on Radio 4 about people - specifically the young - being disengaged from politics. Danny Finkelstein from the Times (who used to be a Tory politician - oh how the Times has changed) made interesting points, but the programme coupled disengaged votes with those who are disillusioned. These attitudes are, I believe, significantly different.

The expenses scandal has left many disillusioned, granted. But it has also engaged a much wider public in debates about the house of commons than there has ever been before. This building in Westminster is no longer an unknown. We can all relate to expenses as we all know the processes in our own companies and fields of world. And we all know that we would have lost our jobs had we done what they did.

So disillusioned yes, but disengaged no. We will use our votes to get rid of those who exploited our money. The problem will come when trying to find someone we can trust to support.

I, personally, feel the most engaged that I ever have. Today this led me to ask myself why I am not therefore out there campaigning. Why are so many young people campaigning for parties in the election?

Can't be bothered to read the whole of the Labour manifesto released today then check out the cartoon version here!

It seems incomprehensible to me to campaign for Labour who didn't make Higher Education free and a leader who took us to an illegal war. The Conservative MPs just scream 'We want to keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor', to me so canvasing for them is a no go. But maybe I should forgive an forget?

So, still disillusioned as how to vote I found another quiz - this time
offered by the Telegraph - to help my decision. I'm a bit shocked by the results! Percentages of who I should vote for:

Don't fear. I refuse to vote BNP.

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