Thursday, 8 April 2010

Where is my politics idol?

Fed up with the constant coverage and analysis of the election today I kept away from the newspapers and television and tried to identify what I really want from an MP.

I will never forget the efforts that went into giving me the right to vote, so I am going to do a lot of thinking and soul searching before deciding who will receive my X. But today, on my hunt for a worthy candidate, I was disappointed.

Apparently it is a tragedy that young people idolise pop stars and sports stars who set bad examples, but after setting out on the trail to find a candidate that I can really identify with I can see why we choose to follow celebrities rather than politicians. Where are the female role models to become my idol in the world of politics?

I really enjoyed listening to Ann Widdecombe being interviewed on woman’s hour this morning and felt myself warming to her straight talking, feminist attitude, until I realised that she is not standing. So who else is there out there?

Labour were doing well with feminist Harriet Harman, who came from a human rights law background, until she gagged the independent auditor in the expenses scandal. And now the other hope Patricia Hewitt has been done for corruption. Does something happen to people that makes them loose their morals after entering Westminster?

Ignoring Samantha Cameron, the only Tory woman that I’ve heard of – so hardly idol potential - is shadow cabinet member Teresa May. Apparently she believes strongly about encouraging women in politics, but I want to know exactly what this training is that she is planning on giving them. Brainwashing? And she doesn’t even come up first when you google her name.

The Lib Dems are also letting me down, despite knowing I have a soft spot for them. You have to get to page 2 of their shadow cabinet page to see a female face and then unfortunately it’s a case of Lynne Featherstone who? North London girl too though, so maybe I should give her a try.

The Green party seem to be the only ones to have it at all right. Their first elected leader was Caroline Lucas MEP. Maybe she can become my idol?

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